Yerba Mate vs Coffee Posted on 19 Mar 10:28

Is yerba mate better for me than coffee?

Coffee is a powerful source of energy to help us through our days. Consuming organic & fair trade coffee is a great way to support sustainable development in less fortunate regions. And let's face it, a well-brewed cup of coffee is delicious. But too much of a good thing can be hard on our systems. Excessive coffee consumption may tax our adrenals, dehydrate us, and fray our nerves.

Perhaps what we really seek in a coffee alternative is a deeper sense of balance. Proper hydration and nutrition. Regular sleep. Daily exercize. Yerba mate doesn't have to replace coffee to fit into a healthy lifestyle.

Let's be clear on one thing before we tout yerba mate's advantages: yerba mate also contains caffeine. It contains around 10 mg of caffeine per gram of loose herb. If you follow our preparation suggestions and use a tablespoon per cup (3g) in a French press or strainer, you are getting about 30 mg of caffeine per 8 oz of brewed tea. This is less than coffee's average of around 100 mg per cup, but it is still significant. So, if your doctor has advised you to remove caffeine entirely from your daily life, yerba mate is not your best alternative. You may want to try our organic rooibos or tulsi for a great tasting, satisfying cup of caffeine-free tea.

With that said, yerba mate has some excellent qualities as an energy tea. Like green tea and guayusa, yerba mate is a rich source of antioxidants. It is also loaded with minerals and B vitamins, which is unusual for a tea and may help explain yerba mate's balanced, long-lasting physical and mental effect.

Yerba mate also possesses a unique combination of the caffeine-related compounds (known to science as xanthine alkaloids) commonly found in coffee, tea, and chocolate. This "xanthine cocktail" produces the euphoria of the xanthine found in chocolate, the mental focus of the xanthine found in green tea, and the physical energy of caffeine. Here's a simple way to put it all together:

Yerba Mate = Xanthine Cocktail + Nutrition + Antioxidants = A More Balanced Boost

Loose Yerba Mate Is Incredibly Versatile

One suggestion we often give people seeking a satisfying coffee alternative is to try folding yerba mate into their lives rather than removing coffee entirely. For instance, if you feel yourself craving another cup of coffee late in the morning or after lunch, try enjoying a cup of yerba mate instead. Pay attention to the way yerba mate makes you feel. You may find yourself willing to adopt "Yerba Mate Wednesdays" next. Perhaps that expensive but delicious coffee treat will evolve into something reserved for special occasions.

Whatever you choose to drink, coffee or yerba mate, green tea or guayusa, remember to stay hydrated and maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Our organic, 100% unsmoked yerba mate can be a key ingredient in your holistic approach to wellness.