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 Why Does the Caffeine in Yerba Mate Feel So Much Better Than Coffee?  

A tablespoon of yerba mate naturally provides 30 mg of caffeine. But that's just the beginning of the story...

Yerba mate also contains theobromine, the feel-good stimulant in chocolate, and theophylline, the mental energizer in green and black tea. These three stimulants work together to produce a sustained body-and-mind effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

In addition to caffeine, yerba mate provides abundant vitamins and minerals. By contrast, coffee may actually block your body's capacity to absorb vital minerals. Yerba mate's unique medley of stimulation and nutrition helps maintain your body's balance, and won't leave you jittery or crashed afterwards.

One of the best things about yerba mate is that you can easily tailor its strength to your needs by employing different preparation methods. A yerba mate tea bag has about as much caffeine as a cup of green tea. A few tablespoons of loose yerba mate in a French press can range from black tea to regular coffee. And if you brew loose yerba mate with a gourd and bombilla, you can get a potent pick-me-up that will provide physical and mental energy all day long.

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It's a rainy afternoon in the middle of winter. You can't seem to stay awake. If you drink a cup of coffee, you'll be up all night. You need something gentle yet potent. You need Holy Mate!

1. Holy Mate! is Delicious - Holy Mate! is a blend of our signature ECOTEAS unsmoked yerba mate with tulsi and a pinch of peppermint. Holy Mate! is deeply satisfying yet light on its feet.

2. Holy Mate! Works - Holy Mate! will give you the energy boost you're looking for. Gram for gram, Holy Mate! has about as much caffeine as green tea. But unlike green tea, you can brew it "yerba mate strong."

3. Holy Mate Reduces Adrenal Fatigue - Many people mistakenly think of tulsi as a sedative. Tulsi will not make you sleepy. Tulsi reduces levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Chronic excess cortisol can contribute to many maladies, from hypertension and heart disease to obesity and suppressed immunity. By reducing cortisol, tulsi opens the window for your body's natural energy to return. Tulsi is a great herb to blend with yerba mate's balanced medley of stimulation, nutrition, and antioxidants!


I'm particularly fond of Holy Mate! in the doldrums after lunch, or when I go out dancing.

It's also great when I didn't get enough sleep the night before, or when I'm coming down with something.

Holy Mate! is also the world's best hangover tea.

Holy Mate! picks me up without letting me down afterward. 

 Here's where you can get yourself some Holy Mate! today. 




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