How to Make Yerba Mate Taste Amazing! Posted on 6 Dec 12:39

Lately, you've been hearing a lot about yerba mate's array of health benefits. You're drawn to yerba mate for its long-lasting mental and physical boost, its host of antioxidants and nutrition, and its thermogenic effect, but you're still a bit confused about the best way to prepare it.

Maybe you've heard that yerba mate tastes grassy or bitter. You want to make the switch to yerba mate, but you also want your morning drink to taste amazing. You don't want to have to add a ton of sugar to get there, which would cancel out the benefits you seek from yerba mate in the first place.

Don't worry, it's not complicated to make a healthy cup of yerba mate that tastes great, too.

Whether you're using loose yerba mate or yerba mate tea bags, it's important to follow three simple rules whenever you brew it. 1. Moisten the yerba mate with cool water first. 2. Never use boiling water—170F is ideal. 3. Steep for five minutes max.

That's it! Easy, right? A dollop of honey and a splash of creamer are great additions, but not necessary if you follow the basic rules. If you're brewing loose yerba mate in a French press (my preferred method), you can also add a sprig of mint, some diced ginger, or some orange peel for added delight. 

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