ECOTEAS was born of the belief that conscious business has a role to play in restoring balance to the earth and our bodies. Lifelong friends Stefan Schachter, Brendan Girard, and Joseph Chermesino founded ECOTEAS in Ashland, Oregon in the year 2000.

In those early years, we packaged our products by hand and served tea at local farmers markets to get the word out. After two decades of service, ECOTEAS remains privately owned and operated by its original founders.

At the end of 2014 we hired Jateshwar Das as our warehouse manager. Jateshwar brings a deep ethic of diligence and care to everything he does. We are grateful to have him on our team!



  • Support organic agriculture, fair trade, and sustainability.
  • Minimize packaging through cutting-edge compostable materials and simplicity of design to deliver exceptional teas with minimal impact on the earth and cost-conscious budgets.
  • Expand access to healthy, delicious world teas through affordable, fair pricing.



We offset our office energy use with 100% clean, renewable wind power through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation.

For every ounce of water you use to make our tea, we work in partnership with BEF to put an ounce of water back into the Middle Fork of the Deschutes River in central Orgeon.


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