Tulsi Tea for Immune Support and Stress Relief Posted on 26 Mar 09:52

"Tulsi is the perfect tea for these times. I'm personally drinking it every day."

—Stefan Schachter, founder of ECOTEAS

Tulsi herb

The fear and stress feel overwhelming. We're worried about our health, our favorite local businesses, and most of all our friends and family. What can we do to prepare ourselves and protect the ones we love?

In addition to the usual answers—social distancing, regular exercise, and a well-stocked pantry—we'd like to introduce you to a wonderful herb that may prove helpful in the days and weeks to come.



Tulsi tea (Occimum sanctum) is an herb in the mint family from India. This close relative of basil and rosemary is naturally caffeine-free and safe for people of all ages to drink at any time of day or night. Tulsi has hundreds of applications in traditional Ayuvedic medicine. Modern science is quickly catching up.

Without getting too complex on the science of tulsi tea, a brief list of uses for tulsi tea includes:




  • Immune-support
  • Lung tonic, especially for asthma and bronchitis
  • Cortisol reduction & stress relief
  • Digestive aid
  • Antioxidant

Not only is tulsi tea really good for you, it's delicious! Add hibiscus for a vitamin-C blast, ginger to soothe digestion, or cinnamon to improve circulation. 


Check out our tulsi loose one-pounders and tea bag boxes for two easy ways to enjoy this immune-supporting, stress-relieving herbal tea!

Be well,