Eight Great Reasons to Drink Rooibos Tea Posted on 2 Apr 11:32

If you haven't tried our certified organic rooibos tea yet, you're going to love it. This aromatic wonder-herb from the Cedarburg Mountains of South Africa is loaded with benefits. 

1. Rooibos tea is delicious and aromatic.

Unlike a typical watery herbal tea, rooibos has enough body to support creamer and honey to make a satisfying alternative to decaf coffee and black tea. What's more, rooibos blends very well with spices and flavorings. Try blending loose rooibos with orange peel and clove, lavender and coconut, or traditional chai spices.

Rooibos Tea

2. Rooibos naturally contains no caffeine.

None. Zero. Zip! And it won't stain your teeth or give you bad breath like decaf coffee will, either.

3. Rooibos is a potent antioxidant.

Rooibos has an ORAC value of over 2000 for a single tea bag! When you brew it with loose herb (traditionally, a pot of rooibos is left to simmer on the stove all day), it's even stronger! The antioxidants in rooibos, including polyphenols, aspalathin, and quercitin, provide a host of benefits to help you navigate this uncertain world, from boosting immunity to reducing inflammation, modulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels, and scavenging harmful free radicals.

4. Rooibos soothes the belly.

In its native South Africa, mothers often give diluted rooibos tea to their colicky babies.

5. Rooibos calms the nerves.

This is an especially helpful benefit in these trying times. While not actually a sedative (it won't make you sleepy), rooibos moderates nervous system activity and brings you back to a feeling of "center."

6. Unlike coffee or even decaf, rooibos does not inhibit iron absorption.

7. Rooibos is great for your skin and hair.

It contains aspalathic acid, which is a potent skin and hair rejuvenator.

8. Organic rooibos cultivation promotes sustainable agriculture and fair trade in its native South Africa.

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