Where Does ECOTEAS Yerba Mate Come From?

We source our unsmoked yerba mate from a four-generation organic family farm in Misiones, Argentina. You can read about how we found this awesome farm here.

Why is Organic Yerba Mate More Expensive?

Maleza is the Spanish word for weed. Conventional yerba mate production frequently uses heavy applications of herbicides to control weeds. Organic & fair trade yerba mate cultivation relies on fairly-paid workers with machetes. We think the extra cost of organic yerba mate is worth it... for the land, for the workers, for our bodies. 

How Do I Cure My Yerba Mate Gourd?

With love and patience. And these instructions.

What Does "Unsmoked" Yerba Mate Mean?

Unsmoked yerba mate is dried with warm clean air instead of smoke. It has a lighter, cleaner taste. Learn more here. 

What Does the Word "Yerba Mate" Mean?

Yerba (yair-buh) is the Spanish word for Herb. Mate (mah-tay) is from the Native American Guarani language, and it means Cup. Yerba Mate means Herb of the Cup.

Many North Americans think Yerba Mate is the brand-name of a tea company. Still others refer to Yerba Mate drinks as Yerbas. Both of these are incorrect. When referring to the actual tree, Argentines say Yerba Mate. When referring to the dried herb ready for brewing, they say Yerba. And when they are talking about the drink, they say Mate

Another common mistake is people spelling Yerba Mate with an accent over the final e. This actually translates as "I killed the herb." 

While you don't need to speak like a local to enjoy yerba mate, we hope this helps you feel more comfortable with the rich yerba mate tradition!

Should I Choose Pure Leaf or Whole Plant Yerba Mate?

Pure Leaf Yerba Mate has more caffeine and is more expensive. It's great for brewing in a coffee maker, French press, or espresso machine. Whole Plant Yerba Mate is more mild (suave in Spanish). It's great for drinking traditional-style with a bombilla. You can read more about the differences here.

Can I Re-Use Yerba Mate Leaves?

Yes! Although your tea will get less flavorful and potent with each pour. When drinking yerba mate traditional style, one drinks many small pours of yerba mate in a cup containing a large amount of tea.

Does ECOTEAS Ship to International Addresses?

Sorry, no.

Can You Provide Scientific Evidence for Yerba Mate's Health Benefits?

We have posted a small sampling of the available literature at the bottom of our Yerba Mate Health Benefits page.



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