Yerba Mate Caffeine Posted on 23 Apr 12:18

How Much Caffeine Is in Yerba Mate?

A tea bag of ECOTEAS Yerba Mate contains approximately 20 mg of caffeine.

This puts our yerba mate tea bags on par with green tea.

Our tea bags are about half as strong as black tea, and one-fourth as strong as coffee.

Keep in mind that caffeine content will vary depending on preparation method.

If you use a tablespoon of our loose yerba mate in a French press, you'll get around 50-60 mg of caffeine.

If you use loose yerba mate and a bombilla, you can easily reach caffeination levels as strong as espresso!

Keep reading to learn why yerba mate feels different from other stimulating beverages.


Caffeine and Yerba Mate Synergy

Many of our customers report that yerba mate feels different from coffee and tea. To understand why, it's important to know what else yerba mate contains. 

A Xanthine Cocktail

Caffeine belongs to a family of stimulants called xanthine alkaloids. Different xanthine alkaloids produce different physiological effects.

The word 'caffeine' is often used for all xanthines, but it refers specifically to the stimulant in coffee. Theobromine is the body-high xanthine found in chocolate. The brain-boosting xanthine found in green tea is theophylline.

Yerba mate naturally contains a medley of the xanthines in coffee, green tea, and chocolate. When consumed together, they produce a sustained body-and-mind effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. 


Unlike most stimulating beverages, yerba mate also provides vitamins and minerals. When asking our bodies and minds to function at a higher level, it helps to provide support!


The Summary

Yerba mate's unique medley of stimulation and nutrition maintains your body's balance and won't leave you jittery or crashed afterwards.

One of the best things about yerba mate is that you can adjust its strength to your needs with different preparation methods. Learn how to prepare yerba mate here.