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For years, conflicting and sometimes inaccurate information has spread about the caffeine content of yerba mate. In this article we'll present our best understanding of yerba mate caffeine and how its stimulant properties differ from those of other caffeinated beverages.

Iced Yerba Mate



Based on our lab reports, a 3g tablespoon of yerba mate contains around 30mg of caffeine. This puts the caffeine content of yerba mate on par with green tea, about half as strong as black tea, and from one-third to one-quarter the caffeine of coffee.

It's vital to note that caffeine content will vary depending on preparation. A yerba mate tea bag contains as much caffeine as green tea. A few tablespoons of loose yerba mate brewed in a French press can range from black tea to coffee. If you share yerba mate with a gourd and bombilla, you will get an even more potent boost.

Yerba Mate Gets You There!



Many people report that yerba mate's stimulation has qualitative differences from coffee and tea. It feels and acts differently in the body. This makes perfect sense considering that any herbal preparation is more than a single active molecule acting in isolation. To fully understand yerba mate stimulation, it's important to look at what else it contains. 

Caffeine belongs to a family of stimulating molecules called xanthine alkaloids. Subtle differences in molecular structure among xanthine alkaloids produce differences in their effects. For example, theobromine is the feel-good xanthine alkaloid found in chocolate.  It is also found in yerba mate. While the word 'caffeine' is often used as a catch-all for xanthine alkaloids, in scientific terms it refers specifically to the stimulant in coffee.

Yerba mate contains a unique medley of three xanthine alkaloids. When consumed together in a single beverage, they produce a sustained body-and-mind effect that is greater than the sum of its parts. 

Unlike most stimulating beverages, yerba mate also provides abundant vitamins and minerals that support and sustain stimulation. When we ask our bodies and minds to function at a higher level, it helps to provide additional nutrition!

Loose Yerba Mate



Yerba mate's unique medley of stimulation and nutrition maintains your body's balance and won't leave you jittery or crashed afterwards.

One of the best things about yerba mate is that you can adjust its strength to your needs by employing different preparation methods.



If you'd like to try yerba mate for yourself and see if it has a place in your healthy lifestyle, we'd be thrilled to share a free sample with you!