Want to Quit Coffee? Try Yerba Mate! Posted on 8 Apr 10:26

Don't get me wrong - I love coffee. I love the way coffee smells. I love the ethos of going to a cafe, ordering a frothy treat, and passing a rainy afternoon with a great book or a great friend.

yerba mate satisfies like coffee!

But I don't always love what coffee does to me. To my nerves, my digestion, my adrenals. My breath. Wouldn't it be great if I could enjoy a great cup of coffee once in a while, but not depend on coffee day after day, with all the drawbacks that come with it?

I tried switching to black tea, but black tea didn't make me feel much better than coffee did. I tried green tea, but green tea failed to satisfy. An hour later, I ended up drinking coffee anyway. Sound familiar?

Enter yerba mate. Yerba mate gives a lasting lift. Not so edgy or jittery, though. And yerba mate has more antioxidants than green tea. Plus bonus nutrition and a metabolic boost. I didn't crave coffee after I drank yerba mate. It was the only drink I can say that about.

Nowadays, coffee is a special occasion. Once a week or so, I go to a premium roaster downtown, a locally owned place that's organic and fair trade. I order that tasty latte. I enjoy every sip.

But every morning, or when my after-lunch sleepiness strikes, or before I go out dancing, I'm all about yerba mate. It's my daily cup of yes.  

Ready to give yerba mate a try? Here's a link to your very own free sample: