Yerba Mate For Weight Loss Posted on 19 Oct 12:25

Yerba mate generates a lot of interest as a weight loss tea. Before we dive into the details of how yerba mate can help with weight management, we'd like to stress that there is no "magic bullet" to achieve optimum wellness. While so many companies try to sell you things by making big promises or preying on insecurities, we want to take a moment to remind you that you are beautiful exactly as you are!

Yerba Mate for Weight Management and Wellness

With that said, yerba mate can be a helpful tool in a weight loss regimen that includes proper nutrition, regular exercise, and a positive attitude. There are several ways that yerba mate can help with weight loss:

1. Yerba Mate Raises Metabolism - Yerba mate is a "thermogenic" herb. "Thermogenic" means that it actually induces your body to burn calories stored as body fat. Some other common thermogenic herbs include cayenne, cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric. If you are drinking yerba mate with a bombilla, try sprinkling some of these delicious and exciting flavors into your mug as well!

2. Yerba Mate Suppresses Appetite - Yerba mate is a natural way to cut your cravings for sugar. Avoiding or reducing sugar consumption may be the healthiest thing you ever do!

3. Yerba Mate Provides Abundant Energy - Yerba mate contains a balanced medley of the caffeines found in coffee, green tea, and chocolate. If you are looking for a boost that won't over-tax your adrenals, yerba mate is the natural choice.

4. Yerba Mate Aids Digestion - Yerba mate has laxative properties to aid elimination and reduce bloating. 

5. Yerba mate Is Highly Nutritious - Yerba mate is uniquely loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, providing abundant nutrition to support your weight management regimen. Please note that it is also important to consume a variety of healthy, nutritious foods for optimum wellbeing.

If you'd like to try our organic unsmoked yerba mate and see if it will fit into your healthy weight loss regimen, please follow the link and instructions below to receive your free sample today!