ECOTEAS Yerba Mate & Big Island Organics Gingerade Maté Posted on 12 Oct 12:35

Big Island Organics Gingerade Mate Organic Yerba Mate Drink


Looking for ECOTEAS Yerba Mate in a bottle? Look no further! We now supply Big Island Organics with the yerba mate they use to brew their delicious Gingerade Maté caffeinated ginger lemonade.

Here are three things that make Gingerade Maté special:

  1. 100% Unsmoked Organic Yerba Mate: With their use of ECOTEAS Unsmoked Organic Yerba Mate, Big Island Organics ensures a smooth, clean taste that is free of residues and byproducts.
  2. Cold-Steeped: Big Island Organics cold-steeps their yerba mate. This creates a smoother flavor, provides for a balanced extraction of nutrients and stimulants, and protects the vital constituents of the finished beverage. 
  3. No Extracts or Concentrates: Most yerba mate beverages on the market artificially bump their caffeine contents by loading their drinks with extracts. (Big Island's caffeine content, at 50 mg, will give you a nice boost but it won't make you all spun out afterward like most energy drinks). What's more, Big Island Organics uses only whole-plant yerba mate in their drink, mixed with lemon juice, agave, and fresh-pressed ginger. You can't get more pure than the Big Island ingredient list. And with less than 70 Calories in a serving, they don't overload you with sweetness.

Gratitude to the folks at Big Island Organics. We feel honored that they've chosen to brew Gingerade Maté with our organic yerba mate. Click here to find a store where you can try one.