A Yerba Mate Recipe to Beat the Winter Blues Posted on 20 Feb 11:11

My favorite strategy for the winter blues (also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder) has always been a hearty dose of exercise, preferably outside in nature.

But recently I took a tumble in the ocean and ended up breaking my leg (ouch!). I can see sunlight pouring through breaks in the clouds outside. I'd love to go play in the snow that fell on the mountains last night. Unable to do so, I find myself looking for other ways to beat the winter blues...

  • I'm taking a vitamin D supplement.
  • I made a cozy reading nest by my favorite sunny window.
  • I've been inviting friends over for visits.
  • I'm eating lots of tryptophan-bearing leafy greens like kale and chard.
  • And, to top it all off, I've added a few new herbs to my morning yerba mate blend. Here's my yerba mate recipe to beat the winter blues:

Yerba Mate + Chamomile + Passionflower + Lavender

Yerba Mate Recipe to Beat the Winter Blues

Yerba mate raises energy and mood, supplying loads of nutrition and antioxidants along with stimulation. Yerba mate is traditionally used in South America as a catalyst. It is believed to amplify the healing effects of other medicinal herbs.

Chamomile has mild sedative properties. It may seem counterintuitive to add a sedative to a yerba mate drink, but this combo is well-tested in Argentina as a mildly energizing tension tamer.

Passionflower reduces inflammation as well as anxiety. 

I round this blend out with just a pinch of lavender. This strongly aromatic flower is said to improve mood and promote healthy sleep patterns.

Seasonal Affective Disorder strikes millions of people every winter. The best strategy to stay positive is to keep feeding your body, heart, and soul with all the things that fill you up. I hope this recipe for yerba mate to beat the winter blues helps you keep it light!