Yerba Mate Maya, A recipe for love Posted on 12 Nov 11:42

Yerba Mate Maya

To make this spicy, warming, velvety beverage, you will need:

  • ECOTEAS Whole Plant Loose Yerba Mate
  • A Spring Bombilla (Tea Straw)
  • Cinnamon Powder
  • Cayenne Powder
  • Cacao Powder
  • “Milk” of Choice
  • Sweetener of Choice (optional)

I make this drink for my sweetie and myself every morning. It’s a little decadent, so be ready to sip it slowly while you welcome the new day.

First I fill my teapot with filtered water and set it on a burner. While the water heats, I scoop 2-3 tablespoons of ECOTEAS Whole Plant Loose Yerba Mate into each of two large mugs. Then I add a tablespoon of raw organic cacao powder. I add a few dashes of cinnamon and a single dash of cayenne. For her mug, I scoop in a teaspoon of organic coconut sugar, but I leave my own mug unsweetened. Next I add a quarter cup of my “milk of choice.” (Confession: for me this is Organic Valley Half-n-half.) Finally, I plunk a Stainless Steel Bombilla (Tea Straw) into each mug.

I DO NOT STIR the mixture with the straws. Stirring would make the straws clog. I just leave the straws alone. I don’t even touch them. I never touch the straws with anything but my mouth, of course.

By this time, the water is gently humming in the pot. It isn’t boiling yet, but I can tell it wants to boil soon. I can feel the water vibrating through the handle of the pot. This is the perfect moment to pour.

For me, the smell of this concoction is better and more invigorating than coffee. It promises healthy lasting energy, spicy sweetness, and good breath. I carry the two mugs of steaming deliciousness over to the sofa, where my sweetie is stretching with the cat. I hand her a mug with a smile.

Life is great. The tea is delicious. I might just call in late.