Yerba Mate, Weight Loss, & Sugar? Posted on 28 Mar 10:24

ECOTEAS Unsmoked Yerba Mate has a lot of benefits. Yerba mate is energizing, nutritious, loaded with antioxidants, and it raises metabolism. Wait, what? Yerba mate raises metabolism?

Yes, yerba mate raises metabolism. That's a huge benefit. As we age, as we stress, as we get busy in life, it can be really hard to keep our metabolisms pumping along. Sugar is not helping.

Why would you put cane sugar in a health tonic? It doesn't make sense. If you want to experience the full benefits of yerba mate, skip the sugar. Unsmoked yerba mate, when brewed right, doesn't need sugar anyway!

At ECOTEAS, we brew 100% unsmoked yerba mate in our bottles. We brew it strong but we brew it right - not too long or hot, so it doesn't get bitter. Then we add whole herbs to flavor the brews - things you know and love: lemongrass, hibiscus, mint. Yum! 

No sugar crash. No sticky residue on your tongue. None of the countless health problems that sugar is known to cause. Just pure, organic, delicious tea in a bottle.

Too many people are addicted to sugar. When we developed our bottled yerba mate line, we chose not to feed that addiction. We know in our hearts that you are ready for something better. Enjoy...