Yerba Mate is an energizing herbal tea from South America. It is brewed from the leaves of a holly tree native to Argentina, Paraguay, and Brazil.

Yerba mate is known as the nutritious stimulant. It naturally contains vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Yerba mate also provides a unique medley of the caffeine varieties found in coffee, tea, and chocolate. Yerba mate's stimulation is balanced, physical, and long-lasting. Yerba mate raises metabolism, reduces appetite, aids elimination, and elevates mood.

Sharing yerba mate with friends and family is a daily ritual in many South American countries. Yerba mate is an icon of national identity in Argentina, where it signifies hospitality, community, wellness, and a slower pace of life.


Brew yerba mate with tea bags or as a loose tea. Loose yerba mate is easy to make with a coffee maker, French press, tea ball, or strainer. Use one tablespoon of yerba mate per cup of water. Steep around five minutes. For best results, moisten yerba mate with cool water first. Avoid boiling water - 170°F (75°C) is perfect. 

You can also sip yerba mate with a filter straw known as a bombilla (pronounced bom-bee-ya). You can sip yerba mate from your favorite mug, or you can share yerba mate traditional-style in a small round gourd. For detailed instructions on the traditional yerba mate sharing ritual, click here.


ECOTEAS organic yerba mate comes from a small family farm in northern Argentina. Our yerba mate farm partners have been growing organically on the same land for four generations.

While most yerba mate is traditionally dried with smoke, our yerba mate is dried with a unique 100% unsmoked process that provides a clean, smooth flavor. 

Over the years, we have collaborated on many projects in the community where our yerba mate is grown. We have helped build a playground, funded building materials for rural workers, planted thousands of native trees, and facilitated the construction of a drying facility.



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