Four Ways That Yerba Mate Helps With Weight Loss Posted on 19 Oct 12:25 , 0 comments

1. Yerba Mate Raises Metabolism

Yerba mate is what's known as a "thermogenic" herb. "Thermogenic" means that it actually induces your body to burn calories. 

2. Yerba Mate Suppresses Appetite

Yerba mate is a natural way to cut your cravings for sugar. Avoiding or reducing sugar consumption may be the healthiest thing you ever do!

3. Yerba Mate Provides Abundant Energy

Yerba mate contains a balanced medley of the caffeines found in coffee, green tea, and chocolate. If you are looking for a boost that won't over-tax your adrenals, yerba mate is the natural choice.

4. Yerba Mate Aids Digestion

Yerba mate has laxative properties to aid elimination and reduce bloating.