Unsmoked Organic Fair Trade Yerba Mate, Direct from the Source

In partnership with a four-generation family farm in Argentina, we provide the world's finest yerba mate at prices that can't be beat.  Discover the benefits of yerba mate!



owner of ECOTEAS holding yerba mate branch at Misiones, Argentina organic and sustainable farm
The Makings - Mate from Argentina, Tulsi from India, Rooibos from South Africa - click to learn more
Mate, Argentina Tulsi, India Rooibos, South Africa

Loaded with nutrition and antioxidants, yerba mate provides a sustained energy boost without a crash or jitters. Yerba mate naturally raises metabolism and promotes long-lasting mental clarity.

Organic yerba mate cultivation promotes sustainable livelihood for the farmers of northern Argentina, southern Paraguay, and southwestern Brazil. This "South American Holly" has been cultivated for centuries in its native source region, where its leaves are brewed into a delicious and stimulating herbal tea that is rich in tradition. 

Discover why yerba mate is seven times more popular than coffee in its native Argentina. Enjoy ECOTEAS Unsmoked Yerba Mate as a loose tea that brews just like coffee, or with convenient and portable tea bags, and make a positive change in your morning ritual today!

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